Fix Damaged AVI Videos on Mac

AVI file can be played in most of the popular media players that includes VLC player, Music player classic and others. In these days most of the movies that are downloaded from the internet are in AVI file format.  AVI file is preferred by many of the users as the audio and video present on AVI file are of very good clarity. Some of you might be having the habit of downloading AVI videos from video sharing platforms like Youtube, Megavideo, etc frequently then you might have come across the problem of improper downloads, often required to fix video files, etc. Sometimes this AVI file cannot be able to play on your Mac machine or even become inaccessible as a result of corruption in audio or video streams on Mac PC. Most of us download movies directly through internet. But there are some common issues associated while downloading the videos through internet. You might fail to play the video file you just received from one of your friend. Also you might encounter some error messages like “file is broken”. It might be because of the reason that AVI file have not completely downloaded from the internet or other source.

When this AVI file gets corrupted then you will be thinking on how to repair this corrupted AVI file? If you are looking for the solution to solve this issue of AVI file corruption on Mac then no need to get worried on how to fix such corrupted AVI file. Here you get an ultimate solution for repairing corrupted AVI file with the help of this consistent repair AVI Mac software. Therefore it is possible to fix damaged AVI videos on Mac with the support of this repair AVI Mac tool in a fraction of minutes.

Causes that results in damaged AVI file on Mac system are explained here: When you are in the process of downloading AVI files from the internet, some of the deadly viruses may enter your system and corrupt the AVI file, preventing it from playing. AVI file will be having the head and tail section that keeps the information about the next section. Sometimes while sharing over an unsecure network there is possibility that either the head section or the tail section information might get altered or this change may result in the corruption of AVI file on Mac. If the audio and the video stream of the video clip does not run together then it hampers smooth viewing.

Get all in one solution on repairing corrupted AVI file on Mac and play AVI file on Mac PC with the support of this reliable repair AVI Mac software. It has many advanced algorithm that helps repairing corrupted AVI file quickly. This program is well suited with all popular Mac operating systems such as OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64 bit), Lion 10.7 (64 bit) & Mountain Lion 10.8 (64 bit) and others. Repair AVI Mac is compatible to mend AVI formats stored in different storage drives like hard drives like SATA , SCSI, IDE, etc, flash memory cards like SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick e, USB external drives, FireWire Drives, etc in few minutes. Have a look at this page- if are desired to get complete knowledge on how to repair corrupt AVI file. Using this tool it is also possible to repair video file format like Divx, XviD, MP4, etc effectively without any trouble.

How to Repair AVI Files on Mac

Are you worried about the corrupted AVI files on your Mac computer? Do you want repair them? If so, then proceed reading this article. A detailed info on repairing corrupted AVI files on Mac computer is been discussed below.

AVI is a video file format introduced by Microsoft Corporation. It stands for “Audio Video Interleave”. AVI file contains both video as well as audio data, and allows synchronous video with audio play back. Like all other video file types, even these AVI video files are prone for corruption. If an AVI file gets corrupt, then it becomes inaccessible and cannot be played.

However now no need of worrying, if an important AVI file gets corrupt, since there’s a best AVI repair software to help you, using which corrupted AVI files can be easily repaired. AVI repair software is a most effective tool, and it has the capacity to repair corrupted AVI files on Mac as well as Windows based computers. To know more about AVI video file repair click here:

Scenarios responsible for an AVI file to get corrupt on Mac computer:

  • Header corruption: Header of an AVI file is an important part, as it maintains entire info of an AVI video file. The header of this AVI file sometimes get corrupts, once it gets corrupt then AVI file becomes inaccessible, which finally refuses to play.
  • Downloading errors: If any error occurs while downloading an AVI video file from web on your Mac computer, then downloaded AVI file gets corrupt, and becomes inaccessible.
  • Sudden shut down of Mac computer: If the Mac computer on which AVI file is being played shuts down suddenly, then there is a chance of an AVI file to get corrupt.

Apart from these, there are lots of other reason due to which AVI files get corrupt. But using AVI repair tool you can repair AVI Mac files in a very effective manner.

Features of AVI repair application are discussed below:

  • It’s a powerful tool that can repair severely corrupted AVI files on Mac.
  • This amazing AVI repair software is easily compatible with all new versions of Mac OS including Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion and Mavericks etc.
  • Using this application you can repair corrupted AVI files on Windows PCs as well.
  • The AVI repair tool can easily repair corrupted AVI files on any of the storage devices including flash drives, memory sticks, memory cards, external hard disks, FireWire drives etc.
  • AVI file that has been corrupted due to downloading errors, header corruption or any other reasons can be repaired using this software.
  • It’s a user friendly AVI repair tool, which offers the most convenient way to repair corrupted AVI files.
  • This tool can repair corrupted AVI files in very limited time period. Hence it’s a fastest and effective AVI repair tool.

Download the demo version of this AVI repair software on your Mac computer. Install, and run the downloaded software. Follow the appropriate screenshots and repair corrupted AVI files on Mac. If you feel satisfied with demo version, then purchase its licensed version.