Most Effective Tool to Recover CF Card

Today memory cards have grown most popular due to the necessity in the numerous digital devices like smartphones, digital cameras, iPods, camcorders etc. Memory cards have the capacity to store different types of data on it such as image, audio, video, documents etc. There are various kinds of memory cards which are available such as SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, Mini & Micro SD, Memory sticks, etc.

Memory cards may get corrupted because of many reasons but once you encounter card corruption issue then it won’t allow you to access the information from memory card and in such case, the majority of the users go for card formatting. If you have taken back up then it’s fine, if you have not taken back up of your data then there might be the chance to lose a large amount of data from your memory card. If you’re facing corrupted card issue then you don’t need to worry because corrupted card recovery software is there. CF card recovery is also possible by using corrupted card recovery software.

Scenarios of data loss from memory card

  • File System Corruption: Because of severe virus attack sometime file system of the memory card may get corrupted. File system plays an essential role to maintain and access files from memory cards and when the file system is corrupted then it won’t allow you to access data from memory card.
  • Abrupt Removal of Memory card: Most of the time it is often noticed that users remove memory cards abruptly from digital devices. Once you remove the memory card abruptly then your memory card may get corrupted.
  • Power Surge: If you’re previewing memory card data on a computer, during this if sudden power loss encounters then there might be a chance of memory card corruption.
  • Other reasons: Sometimes it is noticed that if the memory card has been used in multiple devices to transfer data then there might be a chance of memory card corruption because of interruption.

Features of corrupted card recovery

  • Corrupted card recovery software has strong scanning algorithm which helps the consumer to recover lost data from memory card within the short time period.
  • This application is capable to recover data from formatted memory cards.
  • This utility has the capacity to recover lost data from various brands of memory cards like Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, Transcend etc.
  • This tool uses strong scanning algorithm to examine and locate files according to the unique signature.
  • Corrupted card recovery software is able to recover over 300 kinds of files from memory cards.
  • This application is capable to restore data from external hard disks, USB drives, pen drives etc.
  • This tool perfectly works on Windows Operating system along with Mac OS like Mac OS Lion, Mac Leopard, and Mac Leopard.
  • Once the lost data is recovered from memory card then it will provide you with the facility to “Preview” the recovered data before going to purchase a full version of the software.