How to Recover Deleted Folders

“I deleted the entire folders from my pen drive accidentally as I was about to transfer the same to my PC. I can no longer find them on my system anymore or in the recycle bin either. So, can someone please tell me how I can go about recovering the deleted folder from my pen drive in the easiest way possible? Also the folder contained a huge collection of office related files which I don’t wish to lose. “

You can certainly recover the deleted, lost or missing folders from any of your drives by making use of a recovery software. Here is a tutorial about what recovery software has to be used for getting back folders and the files or subfolders that were present in it. Yes, the above recovery software is one of the only software that can recover the folder along with all its contents.

Folders are created to add files into them in particular. A folder can be of any size ranging from MB’s all the way up to GB’s or perhaps TB’s too. It can also contain files of various sizes and shapes such as images, videos, system files, songs, user files such as word documents, pdf, PowerPoint presentations and much much more. When one of the folders is deleted permanently then everything that’s inside the said folder is subsequently lost as well. Various reasons exist as to why a folder might go missing besides it being deleted by the user accidentally.

Causes for Folder Deletion:

  • Apart from accidental deletion by the user, the folders can also be lost due to accidental format of the drive.
  • While moving folders, an unorthodox usage of cut-paste operation might result in you losing your folders permanently.
  • The presence of viruses in the drive can infect and corrupt the folders that are present on it. The folders can be lost as a result of this and can happen without the consent of the user at times.

But however, with the use of a recovery software you can get back your folders in you’ve encountered any of the above situations. Also, it’s highly recommended to always carry a backup for your data so during times of data loss you can effortlessly restore all your data back in no time.

Features of This Recovery Software:

  • Ability to retrieve deleted, lost or missing folders from any drives. Retrieves the entire directory structure of the folder.
  • Saves the recovered folders to safe location other the drive from which it was recovered from so that it doesn’t lead to data overwrite which results in permanent loss of data.
  • Comes with an easy and simple user interface letting you use the software without any troubles whatsoever.
  • Requires less time to recover back all your folders.

Recovering Deleted or Lost Photos from Canon PowerShot Cameras

“I have a new Canon PowerShot camera that I bought a few months ago. I used the camera yesterday evening for clicking pics at my friend’s party that he threw at his house. I then connected the same camera to my PC looking forward to download the images but I soon discovered that half of the images are missing from it. What really caused this is something that I’m still trying to figure out but on the same hand I’m desperate to get back the images as well. Is there something that can be done to get these missing photos back? ”

You can recover all your lost photos from your Canon PowerShot camera. All you require is usually a recovery software that can recover all the photos from it. One such recovery software is shown here in the video that is created specifically to recover data from your Canon PowerShot camera.

You just have to run this application after connecting your camera to your system and the software will recover the photos for you in just a few minutes.

Canon PowerShot has been a leader in point-and-shoot cameras for quite a while now. It comes in a really slim and handy body which makes it easy and convenient to the users to carry and work with it on all instances. Some Canon cameras also feature CMOS sensors allowing you to capture images with high quality and more details in it. However, the vast majority of Canon PowerShot point-and-shoot cameras feature a CCD image sensor which allows you to capture images with a good quality in comparison to most of its rivals. However, could possibly be some issues that may hinder your experience while using the camera like image loss and many others. There can exist various reasons that will lead you to lose photos from your camera. A few are mentioned below:

  1. A firmware issue within the camera could lead to you losing photos from your camera.
  2. Corruption in your SD card that is inserted in the camera could cause you to lose data indefinitely from it.
  3. Unsafe removal of SD card from the camera.

However during data loss scenarios, you certainly don’t need to get frustrated but rather utilize recovery software shown in the video above.

Why is this software by far the most recommended for Canon PowerShot cameras?

The recovery algorithm employed by this recovery software utilizes a special approach that has the capacity to search and get back every photo which is missing or deleted from your Canon PowerShot digital camera. It supports almost all versions of Canon PowerShot cameras together with SD cards of all types. Regardless of how big your lost/deleted file was, this software has the ability to recover all images from your camera in only a few minutes. It features a simple user interface which is simple and easy to adhere to and move on with the recovery process.

How to restore deleted PDF files

PDF is a Short form of portable document format, a file format developed by Adobe systems. To view a file in PDF format, you need an Adobe Reader; it is free application available on internet. PDF is platform independent file format that helps in maintaining original graphics and colors of file. It is one of the famous document format, used in e-books and application forms.

Nowadays e-books are becoming very popular; it helps reader to read without taking printout and also help for online training, e-books reader, etc. The most common problem to computer user is loss or deletion of PDF files. You might have lost data at once or many times in your life because intentional or accidental actions lead to loss of PDF files.  Deleted PDF files may be your lovable E-books or some office document.

Deletion of PDF files may occur in following ways:

  • Intentional deletion of PDF files.  Your system contains PDF files and you wish to delete some unwanted PDF files, instead of deleting unwanted PDF files you may delete important PDF files
  • Accidental deletion of PDF files by pressing shift + delete, by using Windows command prompt and empty Recycle Bin
  • Operating system and file system crash may lead to loss of your PDF files from system
  • Formatting internal or external hard drive
  • Errors while partitioning drive
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Power failure during editing or processing PDF files

Now let’s proceed towards steps to recover PDF files software after deleted from your system. Don’t worry about deleted PDF files; you have lots of software to restore deleted PDF files. The Find PDF file software helps you to restore all erased PDF file from system and it also recovers deleted files from internal or external hard drive. Keep in mind that there are lots of PDF file recovery software available on internet so always take genuine tool. The genuine application restores your PDF files by keeping original format and restores without any errors.

After knowing the ways of PDF file loss and solution to restore deleted PDF files. You must have some suggestions to keep your PDF file safe, please follow the below mentioned suggestions.

  • Always keep one extra copy of PDF files
  • Use power backup, connect your system through UPS
  • While deleting any unwanted PDF files just confirm that you are deleting unwanted files.
  • Make sure of proper shutdown of your system

Features of PDF file recovery software:

  • Supports Windows and Mac operating system based computers
  • Restores PDF files from external hard drive and external memory cards
  • Software can find missing PDF files apart from restore deleted PDF files
  • Recover all objects contained in PDF file, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, header and footer, etc.
  • Password protected PDF files can also be easily recovered
  • Easy to operate and risk-free tool, non-technical person can also operate this tool to recover PDF files

Deleted Files Recovery Program

Generally many of you will be having a tendency to create new files or to copy files from different storage devices. During this process of copying or creating files, often you delete files that you initially assume of no importance. As you delete files at any point of time, it will be stored on the Recycle Bin. And if the files are deleted from the Recycle Bin itself then it will be problem again. But also those files will not be deleted permanently it only marks that place as inaccessible, unless the new files are written on that space. Hence these deleted file will be still present inside the drive and you can recover those files by using the deleted file recovery software. This tool will give you the best solution for how do I get back deleted files from the system which has got deleted by various reasons.
Let us have a look due to which the files gets deleted
• Deletion of hard drive partitions during reinstallation of operating system.
• Presence of bad sectors on hard drive.
• Infection of harmful viruses.
• Usage of unreliable third party software.
• Corruption of catalog record.
• Improper shut down of the system.
• Unintentional deletion of files during formatting /reformatting process.
• Usage of shift and delete keys, command and delete keys for deletion of files from the system.

Precautionary measures that has to be taken to avoid deletion of files
• Use of an updated antivirus software tool to get rid from virus infection.
• Never install the recovery software on the same drive.
• Stop using the drive when you encounter the deletion of files problem.
• Always turn off your system safely.
• Before formatting or reformatting drive, ensure that there were no important files stored on it.
Solution for recovering deleted files
In spite of taking some precautionary measures, sometimes you might come across the deletion of files from the system due to various reasons. You can overcome all those problem by using the best deleted file recovery software that effectively supports you to get back all the files with ease.
Let us know about the features of this recovery software
This tool supports in recovering all the deleted files from both Windows and Mac operating system. You can easily bring back all the deleted files from partitions/drives with various file systems like FAT64, NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, etc. It has an ability to restore deleted files from emptied from Recycle Bin\Trash or when they bypass Recycle Bin\Trash folder due to file size limit. It also allows you to resume recovery of files using “Save Recovery Session” option. This software not only recovers deleted files from the system hard disk but can also regain deleted files that were deleted from external devices like external hard drive, memory card, MMC, SD card, memory stick, USB external drive, etc.

By this you can conclude that it is the best deleted file recovery software that helps to get back all the deleted files within few minute. Download the free demo version of this tool, install and run it on your system to evaluate its recovery results. Then you definitely come to know about its recovery results. In order to save all those recovered files, you have to purchase its licensed version with reasonable price.