How to Recover Deleted Folders

“I deleted the entire folders from my pen drive accidentally as I was about to transfer the same to my PC. I can no longer find them on my system anymore or in the recycle bin either. So, can someone please tell me how I can go about recovering the deleted folder from my pen drive in the easiest way possible? Also the folder contained a huge collection of office related files which I don’t wish to lose. “

You can certainly recover the deleted, lost or missing folders from any of your drives by making use of a recovery software. Here is a tutorial about what recovery software has to be used for getting back folders and the files or subfolders that were present in it. Yes, the above recovery software is one of the only software that can recover the folder along with all its contents.

Folders are created to add files into them in particular. A folder can be of any size ranging from MB’s all the way up to GB’s or perhaps TB’s too. It can also contain files of various sizes and shapes such as images, videos, system files, songs, user files such as word documents, pdf, PowerPoint presentations and much much more. When one of the folders is deleted permanently then everything that’s inside the said folder is subsequently lost as well. Various reasons exist as to why a folder might go missing besides it being deleted by the user accidentally.

Causes for Folder Deletion:

  • Apart from accidental deletion by the user, the folders can also be lost due to accidental format of the drive.
  • While moving folders, an unorthodox usage of cut-paste operation might result in you losing your folders permanently.
  • The presence of viruses in the drive can infect and corrupt the folders that are present on it. The folders can be lost as a result of this and can happen without the consent of the user at times.

But however, with the use of a recovery software you can get back your folders in you’ve encountered any of the above situations. Also, it’s highly recommended to always carry a backup for your data so during times of data loss you can effortlessly restore all your data back in no time.

Features of This Recovery Software:

  • Ability to retrieve deleted, lost or missing folders from any drives. Retrieves the entire directory structure of the folder.
  • Saves the recovered folders to safe location other the drive from which it was recovered from so that it doesn’t lead to data overwrite which results in permanent loss of data.
  • Comes with an easy and simple user interface letting you use the software without any troubles whatsoever.
  • Requires less time to recover back all your folders.

Successful Flash Disk Data Recovery Program

The system in which I was working on shut down unexpectedly while my flash drive was in. Later when I turned it back on, all the files are fine except the one which I was using. Everything has corrupted with number of messy code. I was wondering that if anyone knows how to recover lost data from the Flash disk. When this kind of situation arises, it will either cost you a long time to recreate the lost file rudely, or make the crucial files lost forever. Sometimes you might have lost your favorite vacation images from the Flash disk, cannot access your files from the Flash disk, accidentally formatted the Flash disk or many other reasons can result in loss of data from the flash disk.

Are you finding the way to recover all your lost files from Flash disk? Searching for the tool to get back your lost data from Flash disk? Then read this article completely that definitely supports you to get back all your lost files from flash disk. This complete Flash disk data recovery software restores all the lost files including images, videos, audio files, Office files, spreadsheets, PDF and other storage drives.

Some of the common Flash drive data loss scenarios are mentioned below

  • Unpremeditated deletion of important files from USB flash drive and not able to find them on the Recycle Bin folder.
  • Ejection of the Flash disk rudely while it is still working.
  • Forgot to disconnect the drive when the system shut down.
  • Flash drive attacked by the harmful malwares and viruses when it connected to the virus infected system
  • Sudden termination of the system while transferring any of the files from the Flash drive to the system drive.
  • Unintentional formatting of the USB flash drive rather than formatting the other drive.
  • USB Flash drive file system displayed as raw.

No matter how much care you will be taking to avoid data loss from your Flash drive but there will be always one or the other cause that results in loss of data. It might be due to human errors or due to logical cause. You can download the freeware demo version of this software to make sure that it has enough features and working that supports to get back lost data from Flash disk. Also it supports recovery of files from other storage drives like SD card, XD card, memory stick, external drives, system drives, etc. It successful performs read only process and can be run under Windows and Mac operating system easily. Click here, to get more information about how to recover lost files from Flash disk on Mac.

Know how this software works

This Flash disk recovery software uses an advanced scanning algorithm that performs the deep scanning procedure and provides you the best solution for Flash disk data restore. The comprehensive yet most powerful Flash disk data program is able to restore all the lost data from documents, pictures, movies, archives, emails, etc from USB Flash disk from overall data loss situations. It also supports recovery of lost data from different file systems like FAT, HFS, HFS+, SATA, ExFAT, NTFS system.

Application Software to Recover Data from Flash Drive

Are you a person, facing an error message such as “drive has not formatted, do you want to format it now” while accessing flash drive? After getting an error message you are in huge dilemma what to do next. It is because flash drive had your vital data, if you format the drive then all the data within the drive is wiped out. So what you will do in such a condition? Here you must have to format the drive and once you format the drive then all data within the drive is wiped out. No need to worry in such a situation, it is because you can recover every bit of data from flash drive. You need to opt an effective revival tool which is capable to revive data from formatted flash drive.  Here you can make use of flash drive recovery tool named Lost Data Recovery. This tool is really proficient to revive data from flash drive and you can make use of this tool in order to recover lost data from formatted flash drive.

You can make use of this revival tool in various other data loss issues such as accidental deletion, file system corruption, unintentional formatting, improper ejection, virus infection, interruption of transferring process and so on. Lets discuss some issues in more detail to know how these can lead to loss from flash drive. First is virus attack, it is happened when you connect flash drive to infected system. When you do so then there is a possibility of virus relocation into flash drive. Once it has happened then it may lead to corruption of data within flash drive, resulting in inaccessible condition. Sometimes it has happened, user deletes data from flash drive without checking for any vital data. When the user does so then it might possible that user may delete some vital data along with useless one once it has happened then it may lead to severe data loss.

Improper ejection of connected flash drive may make drive inaccessible for further use. It is because when you pull out the flash drive without following the safely remove option. It may make your drive inaccessible for further use. When you abruptly eject connected flash drive then there is a chance of file system corruption. Once it is corruption then you cannot access drive data further. Sometimes it has happened the user accidentally formats connected flash drive instead of formatting other connect drive. Once it has happened, resulting in severe data loss. When you interrupt ongoing file transfer process in meanwhile. It may lead to corruption of data within flash drive.

If you are facing data loss issues due to any of above of the above listed scenarios and looking ahead for a solution to a question that is how to restore flash drive data. Here you can make use of Lost Data Recovery tool and successfully revive data from flash card with ease. In order to perform successful revival you need to opt some preventive steps. When you face data loss issue then it is recommended don’t make use of flash drive to store data. It is because when you use flash drive next after data loss then there might be a possibility of overwriting data location from where the revival is needed. Once it is overwritten then you cannot restore drive data further. Before overwriting you can make use of revival tool and successfully revive data effectively.