Application to Rescue Data from NTFS

NTFS file system is one of the most commonly used file system on the systems in these days. NTFS partition has specialized features that improves its reliability that includes use of B-tree directory scheme in order to keep track of file clusters, ACL (Access control list) that lets a server administrators control who can access the specific files, details about file clusters, integrated file compression and others. Even though it has many advanced features, loss of data from this NTFS partition is predictable. On some situation the data stored on this NTFS partition mat be deleted or lost because of some known or unknown reasons. Therefore it is better to understand how to rescue data from NTFS partition before you encounter such data loss situations.

Have you ever encountered data loss issues from NTFS partition? Has the system failure rendered your hard drive NTFS partition inaccessible and the OS unable to load? Have you formatted or repartitioned NTFS partition accidentally? Do you urgently need to rescue data from NTFS partition after occurrence of such incidences? Then you can easily rescue data from NTFS partition with the aid of this rescue partition software. This rescue partition toolkit provides a complete solution to carry out the process of data rescue from NTFS partition by scanning the disk accurately within a span of few minutes.

Some of the common situations that leads to data loss from NTFS partition

  • Data loss from NTFS partition mainly occurs because of human mistakes that include accidental formatting the NTFS partition, deletion of important data by mistake, etc.
  • File system conversion of your partition from NTFS to other file system.
  • Loss of data from NTFS partition due to bad sectors on the hard drive making the data inaccessible.
  • Due to severe infection from viruses or improper system shut of the system the file system of NTFS partition gets corrupted that leads to huge loss of data stored on it.
  • Other cause of data loss can be because of partitioning errors. Data can be lost when you are repartitioning NTFS drive or trying to resize or locate free space in the existing partitions.

Despite the consequences on how you lost data from NTFS partition, rescue partition software retrieves your precious files efficiently. This rescue partition is simple, read only data recovery utility that successfully helps in restoring data from NTFS partition without facing any difficulty. If you have lost data from NTFS partition then there is no need to get tensed on how to recover data from formatted partition. This is because this rescue partition wizard has an ability to restore data from formatted partition within few mouse clicks.

Important features of rescue partition utility

  • Rescue partition toolkit provides the facility to preview file before actual recovery of NTFS partition.
  • This application fully supports all major hard drive brands that include Western digital, Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba and other popular brands.
  • It provides the facility to save the recovered file at user specified location for future purpose.
  • Rescue partition toolkit works in user friendly GUI interface and hence it can be easily operated without any prior technical skills.
  • With the support of this application you can restore lost data more than 300 different file types from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives.