Download Software to Repair Outlook

outlookMicrosoft Outlook is a popular application which allows users to perform different things such as sending, receiving, scheduling appointments, etc. Microsoft outlook is one of the extensively used programs for its different attributes. Most of them use Outlook for communication purpose. MS Outlook contains PST file and OST file. If file system corrupts, Outlook may not respond.

If you are encountered with problem of outlook and unable to access your outlook account. How to fix the Microsoft Outlook? Not to worry!!! You can fix this problem by using Outlook Repair tool.

Steps to repair MS Outlook PST file:

  • Download Outlook Repair software and install it on your Windows Operating System.
  • After successful installation, Run the software. On the main screen window You can see three options
  1. Open PST File.
  2. Select Outlook Profile.
  3. Find all your PST Files.

          Select PST file option from above options.

  • Select corrupted PST File and click Next to initiate scanning process to repair Outlook.
  • In the next screen you can see two options; select the appropriate one depending on your requirement.
  1. Normal Scan- you can hit with this option whenever your PST file does not open.
  2. Smart Scan- you can go with this option for deleted emails, contacts, or any other Outlook data.

              Select Normal scan to repair MS Outlook PST file.

  • Click on Repair option. On successful completion of the repair process you can see all the repaired Outlook items.

Reasons that outlook may fail to work? 

Internet breaks off while Outlook synchronization process is in progress may leads to PST file corruption. Intern your system may encounter outlook not responding error message. When the PST file size exceeds its maximum size limit, then it leads in the corruption of the file which shoots the error message. While up-gradation of Outlook application, you may come across some fault and the computer may turn off suddenly. This corrupts Outlook PST file and inaccessible in nature, you may fall with an error message when you try to login.

Situation Where the PST files corrupts:

  • Virus attack may results in the PST file corruption.
  • PST file exceeding the file size limit is the other reason for corruption.
  • Outlook PST file which is shared over network.

Precautions: To be followed;

Best to have back up regularly so that you can easily retrieve theloss files. Use of antivirus software and their regular up-gradation helps to prevent attack of any harmful viruses. Improper exit of Microsoft Outlook 2010 should be avoided.PST file size should not reach its maximum size limit.

Features of Repair Outlook:

This software works with all versions of Windows OS like 2010, 2008, 2007, 2003.Restores Outlook attributes like deleted Email attachments, deleted items from Outlook trash folder, deleted contact distribution, shift + delete data files.

Expert Tool to Repair Outlook 2010 Data File

Outlook is an application, which is widely used to manage user data such as emails, contacts, tasks and so on. It is primarily used to manage user emails. Often it is found out that the user becomes incapable to access Outlook attributes and in every attempt faces an error message such as unable to load PST file. If you are facing such an error message and not able to access Outlook data due to error then I want to make you assure that it is due to corruption of PST file. It is data file once it is corrupted or damaged then you become incapable to access Outlook data further. In such a condition, there is no need to worry, it is because you can overcome from this situation by making the use of repair tool.

Let us discuss some fact behind the corruption of PST file. Virus infection is one of the biggest reasons behind the corruption of PST file. Whenever a PST file comes in contact with severe antivirus then there is always be a possibility of PST corruption. It happens when you connect system to internet without having an updated antivirus. When you do so without having updated antivirus protection then it may lead to relocation of virus into system. Once it is copied into system then further it might damage system files or data files. Therefore, PST file might be corrupted in such a way. Virus attack may also take place when you connect virus infected drive to computer. It may also lead to relocation of virus into system and might damage system data or PST file.

Another main cause of PST file corruption is improper termination of system when PST file is accessing for read write operation. Often it is found out that user terminate the system without closing the Outlook application. When you do so then there is a chance of PST file corruption. PST file might be corrupted when you close the Outlook application in an improper way. We all know that every app has it is own way of closing. If you do not follow the correct way of termination then it may lead to PST file corruption.

Whatever be the causes of PST file corruption there is no need to be fret. You can use of tool named Fix Outlook Inbox for effective restoration of Outlook account. In case you are an individual, who is having problem while accessing Outlook account and getting an error message while accessing Outlook app. Further, you are searching for an answer to a question that is how to fix outlook.pst error then this tool are perfectly suits to your need. You can make use of this tool and successfully restore data in an effective way.