Quick Way of Retrieving Files from External Hard Disks

There are number of storage devices available to store data and among them external hard disk is one of the widely used device to store data. It offers large amount of space to store data and facilitates quick way to access or retrieve files. The external hard disks can be easily connected to system by using data cables. The information or data in the external hard disk will get lost because of some scenarios.

Data loss scenarios from external hard disks:

  • Accidentally formatting the external hard disks. It means that, user unknowingly selecting external hard disk when trying to format other drives.
  • Viruses or malwares like Autorun, Trojans, etc. may affect to the data which is present in the external hard disks, and as a result you may lose some of your important data from it.
  • While transferring data to/from external hard disks, if you suddenly eject external drive or system gets abruptly shut down, then you may loss data from external hard disk.
  • While scanning the external hard disks, if files contain any viruses then the anti-virus app may delete infected files during the scanning process.
  • Data or information in external hard disks may get deleted or go missing due to more reasons like file system corruption, unintentional deletion, damaged drive, bad sectors, and more.

The safety measures that can prevent the data from external hard drive:

  • Never eject the external hard disks during transferring of data.
  • Please keep back up of your important files before formatting your external hard disk.
  • Avoid adding new data, if your external hard disk has some problems or affected by viruses.
  • Prevent mishandling of external hard drive or avoid using the same device on different OS like Windows and Mac. 

External hard drive recovery, is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted or lost files from external hard disks. External hard drive recovery can be done by using different recovery software which will help to recover the deleted or lost files. You can choose the most efficient, reliable and good working one like External Disk Recovery Software.

This software supports different types of files such as text files, audio files, video files, image files, spreadsheets, etc. It also supports recovery of file from various file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, etc. This software runs on different Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

It is also compatible on different versions of Mac OS including Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, etc. The utility has powerful scan option that scans the entire drive to find and recover data even from RAW external hard drive. This software is capable enough to recover external HDD data after format, boot sector corruption, and file system issues, virus attack, partition loss and other severe data loss accidents.

Quick ways of retrieving files from external hard disk:

  • First you need to download and install the demo version of this software on your system. Then run the software to perform external hard drive recovery.
  • Select the device or storage device from which the data needs to be recovered
  • From the main screen select appropriate scan option to recover deleted files.
  • Software starts scanning process to recover deleted files.
  • Once the scanning process is completed, you can preview restored files in “File Type View” or “Data View”.
  • If you are satisfied with the result, then “Save” the recovered files to any desired location.

How to Recover Data from NTFS Partition?

In this article, you will learn the detailed information regarding the actions that are liable to cause data loss due to partition deletion, corruption or loss on any Windows or Mac OS X based system. Also find out how is it possible to recover NTFS volume contents in the most promising way, and why is Rescue Partition – a volume recovery tool the best choice to execute NTFS partition recovery for all Windows as well as Mac OS X based computers. Finally, go through the step by step directions to use this utility in order to recover all data from a NTFS drive.

An overview for NTFS partition recovery:

Data loss is a common factor that can occur to any Windows or Mac computer user in many different situations irrespective of the operating system the user is working on. There are various scenarios that can crop up accidentally or as an outcome of any unfortunate human errors resulting in file deletion, and loss due to partition deletion or corruption is one of them. Go through the scenarios leading to data loss in before performing NTFS volume recovery in order to restore all your erased or missing items from NTFS partitions.

Here are some of the most noticed data loss scenarios:

  • One may miss important files from a system by performing unintentional actions such as accidental deletion, emptying Recycle Bin / Trash, using Shift + Delete features and so on
  • Erasing a NTFS volume that has critical files stored in it via disk management utility feature due to any reasons
  • If any serious problems are witnessed while performing hard disk partitioning, it can result in data deletion on that drive, or at worse can cause file corruption
  • Also if any issues are faced while re-installing or upgrading Windows / Mac operating system, it can result in the entire system or a NTFS volume to go inaccessible
  • Usage of untrusted third party tools can cause errors and inconsistencies in your system resulting in contents getting lost or deleted from a hard drive
  • A volume, if extensively infected with viruses or malware programs on any computer may cause severe damage to that NTFS partition having catastrophic outcomes such as entire hard drive corruption leading to data getting inaccessible
  • Technical glitches can be caused by actions such as hard disk malfunctioning, start-up disk corruption, frequent system crashes, power related problems and so on, causing similar effects

No matter what were the actual reasons that lead to data loss on a NTFS drive, what really happens when a file gets deleted from any volume is, the operating system marks the deleted content as free space on the respective storage device. But technically, that file/s is never entirely removed with any normal delete operation that is implemented. The deleted files just turn invisible to the users. Hence, as long as that particular space on that drive is not replaced by any new file, the deleted item resides on that partition itself. Therefore, NTFS partition recovery can be executed in order to recover that content with ease if you have a dependable and powerful data recovery tool such as Rescue Partition with you.

NTFS partition recovery – How it is implemented:

You can recover all NTFS volume contents even from the partitions that are deleted or are missing with the help of this utility. Partition recovery is a technique of recovering all stored contents from damaged / missing / deleted NTFS hard drives which are corrupted or damaged due to any unfortunate reasons. As mentioned above, even after a volume is totally lost or erased, all its contents are still present on it unless that location on the drive is not replaced by any new item. This application extracts all such contents from a hard drive and makes it accessible to the user. Read on to learn how this app turns out to be a best possible solution to rescue data.

Rescue Partition is the best solution for NTFS partition restoration:

Rescue Partition utility is geared up with all advanced mechanisms that are required for performing extensive scans in order to restore hard drive contents with highest success rate. Its built-in search engine is prepared to detect and rescue all sorts of contents from a deleted, lost or inaccessible volume with effectiveness. In order to begin the process to rescue data from NTFS drives, you will have to download and install Rescue Partition on your computer, and follow the easy steps that are displayed on your screen.

Few major highlights of Rescue Partition tool:

  • A powerful data retrieval algorithm that enables you to perform file search in order to detect contents of over 300 different file extensions
  • It can effectively extract all data from non-booting system or from a partition that is failing to mount
  • Supports recovery on FAT, ExFAT, NTFS 0-1 and RAID partitions and it as well allows content restoration on all external media hard drives, all types of flash memory devices and all other supported storage volumes

Recover External Disk

I’ve attended a friend’s marriage and capture plenty of interesting pictures inside marriage and stored in external drive. After week one of my own friends asked me to show these pictures, but I receive shocked because pictures which are stored in external drive made inaccessible to me due to corruption of disk. This is the situation where people may feel that they are not going to fetch these pictures ever. This is not just a fact as it is possible to bring back all data along with pictures from corrupted external disk drive by utilizing external disk recovery tool. This highly experienced recovery utility is most appropriate and convenient approach to recover severely corrupted external disk recovery.

External hard disk is one type of storage device and that is mostly used for portability purpose. External hard disk is elaborated between main two sizes which might be 2. 5 inch And 3. 5 inch one is portable (2. 5) External disk drives and second is computer’s desktop (3. 5) drive drives. It facilitates your plug and play functionality which offers system compatibility in addition to portability with significant data storage ability. External hard disks are somewhat comparable to internally mounted hard drives except internal hard disk is connected by means of SATA whereas External hard drives are connected with USB interface. If you wish to know further about, the best way to recover files about corrupted external drive? Then click here: http://www.externaldiskrecovery.com/how-to-files-on-corrupted.html

Even so a survey via data Recovery Firm depicts that external hard disks are inclined to get corrupt simply by various possible causes, by which individuals lose their treasured data from external hard disk drive. These reasons are usually further discussed below.

  • Malware contamination: Virus infection is among the frequently occurred factors which cause loss of data from External disk. Once virus or malicious code had entered as part of your drive by transferring the data from virus attacked computer to external disk, it will definitely delete the documents from disk as well as makes them unavailable.
  • Corruption of External Disk Drive: chances are you’ll face data loss as a result of inaccessibility to get data from external disk that is merely caused by means of corruption of hard drive. External disk may get corrupt due in order to various reasons such as sudden power malfunction, abruptly shutting down the system, improper ejection associated with external disk while it is doing several task like moving files from System to external hard disk.
  • Accidental Deletion: it is possible to store almost every type of files upon external disk like audio, video, pictures, documents, and much more. There is strong chance for human error like while previewing these types of files on computer they might be deleted accidentally because of selecting all documents and deleting documents by pressing Shift + Delete button.

Distinct Features of External Disk Recovery Utility: –

The External Computer Recovery Tool can be quite reliable to acquire all files from various file system drives for example FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, for example. This efficient tool is suitable to recover external disk. This highly qualified tool thoroughly tests the disk and recovers almost all files from drive which ensures not a single file for being missed. It simply bring back the records from corrupted derive without manipulating the original file this ensures that source data file is kept undamaged. This efficient software duly saves the storage by compressing the recovered files together with trusted compressing tool that are available. It can save the recovered results on CD/DVD or on any storage media offered to the host computer.