Scanpst Repair Tool

MS Outlook works as the personal information manager which is widely used by many of the users. Accessing emails and management is one of the primary functions of the Outlook. And it can also be used as email related data management system in the form of contacts, notes, calendars, task manager, journal, etc. All these attributes will be stored in the PST file. Sometimes due to corruption of this PST file may strike everything and affect your business continuity plan. There is an inbox repair tool which is named as Scanpst.exe to fight against this type of corruption and get back all your valuable files. Want to know how to use Scanpst.exe tool to repair the corrupted PST file then read this tutorial. This tutorial will provides you with the step by step procedure on how to use the Inbox repair tool named as Scanpst.exe to repair the corrupted PST file.

Scanpst repair tool which helps in diagnosing and identifying the problematic Outlook PST files. This specifies a specific error location to the system, so that it is not required to search through the entire mailbox. But instead, it looks only at the personal folder files in order to determine whether the file is corrupted or if other errors require repair. This Scanpst.exe tool works by evaluating the state of the file structure and if it is not organized in its appropriate structure then it reconstructs the appropriate headers after correcting the error with reset.

MS Outlook PST files are prone to corruption. Is there any way to prevent this? Yes, here are some important ways by which you can prevent corruption of PST file. Do not try to bloat PST file, although Outlook 2003/2007 supports PST files as large as 20 GB and Outlook 2010 supports 50 GB, then it is suggested that PST file should not be larger than 10 GB. This is because most of the operations with large PST files are very slow, large files are likely to become corrupted, although minor corruptions are fixed by Scanpst.exe if the PAT file is larger, then fixing process will be more time consuming. Don’t let your old format PST file to approach 2 GB, never operate on large volumes of Outlook emails, don’t shut down the system when Outlook is still in running process.

Some of the factors responsible for corruption of MS Outlook PST file,

  • Unpredicted shutdown of MS Outlook
  • Inappropriate compaction of PST file
  • Contradiction with newly installed software or hardware
  • Outlook PST File sharing over the network
  • Exceeding PST file of 2GB size limit
  • Malfunction of Operating System

Scanpst repair tool is a free utility which helps in repairing corrupted or damaged Outlook PST files. This Inbox Repair tool is designed to help repair problems that are associated with personal folder. Sometimes this Scanpst repair tool fails to repair the PST files when it is severely corrupted by various reasons. If this is the situation then what action to be performed to repair the corrupted Outlook PST file.