Tool to Recover Data from Formatted USB Drive

flash_drive_introbUSB drive is one of the widely used data storage devices across the world. This device is used to carry and save various types of data files such as audio, applications, documents, text files, video files, images and many others. USB drives have many features like easy to plug in and out features, large data storage capability, portability, compatibility with various devices and high data transfer rate. Due to these advanced features of USB drives, people prefer to use them. These USB drives are manufactured by many brands few of them are Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, Canon, Samsung, Toshiba, and others. All of these USB drive manufacturing brands offer very advanced features which attract people to utilize them for their personal as well as professional work.

What happens, if your official files save in USB drive get deleted or lost. It is can be a very painful situation for anyone. Generally, after losing data files from a USB drive, people want to recover USB drive data because it can be very important for them. After facing such USB drive data loss situations, people can take the help of Recover USB Drive app and easily overcome from these data loss or deletion situations. This hassle-free tool is specially developed for recovering data from the USB drive without any more difficulty. In order to recover data from the USB drive, it has been developed with the help of advanced searching algorithms which perform deep scanning of the USB drive and easily recover each bit of data as it was before deletion.

Common Causes of Data Loss or Deletion from USB Drive:

  • Corruption of USB drive file system can lead to inaccessibility of it. In order to access USB drive, people need to format it which erases complete data stored on the drive.
  • In order to transfer data from USB drive to the system or vice versa, people connect it to the computer. If the USB drive is connected to virus-infected laptop or desktop, then there is a chance of data deletion from the drive.
  • Interruption at the time of the data moving process is going on can also lead to data loss from the USB drive.
  • Accidental deletion, improper operations, incorrect format, system freeze, power outages can also be reasons behind data deletion from a USB drive.

Features of Recover USB Drive Application:

  • This easy to use an app is capable to recover data from USB drive which can be formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, damaged or not recognized within few simple mouse clicks easily.
  • “Save Recovery Session” feature of this program enables people to resume the scanning process by which they can save the time and easily get back their data without any more difficulty.
  • With the help of Recover USB Drive tool, people can easily recover data from different types of data storage devices, including Pen drive, external hard drive, flash drive, memory card and solid state drive without any more difficulty.
  • This program enables people to add or edit the signatures of files which are not listed in it. Due to this, people can easily recover file from USB drive based on their file signature, type, extension and file types.

How to Recover Deleted Folders

“I deleted the entire folders from my pen drive accidentally as I was about to transfer the same to my PC. I can no longer find them on my system anymore or in the recycle bin either. So, can someone please tell me how I can go about recovering the deleted folder from my pen drive in the easiest way possible? Also the folder contained a huge collection of office related files which I don’t wish to lose. “

You can certainly recover the deleted, lost or missing folders from any of your drives by making use of a recovery software. Here is a tutorial about what recovery software has to be used for getting back folders and the files or subfolders that were present in it. Yes, the above recovery software is one of the only software that can recover the folder along with all its contents.

Folders are created to add files into them in particular. A folder can be of any size ranging from MB’s all the way up to GB’s or perhaps TB’s too. It can also contain files of various sizes and shapes such as images, videos, system files, songs, user files such as word documents, pdf, PowerPoint presentations and much much more. When one of the folders is deleted permanently then everything that’s inside the said folder is subsequently lost as well. Various reasons exist as to why a folder might go missing besides it being deleted by the user accidentally.

Causes for Folder Deletion:

  • Apart from accidental deletion by the user, the folders can also be lost due to accidental format of the drive.
  • While moving folders, an unorthodox usage of cut-paste operation might result in you losing your folders permanently.
  • The presence of viruses in the drive can infect and corrupt the folders that are present on it. The folders can be lost as a result of this and can happen without the consent of the user at times.

But however, with the use of a recovery software you can get back your folders in you’ve encountered any of the above situations. Also, it’s highly recommended to always carry a backup for your data so during times of data loss you can effortlessly restore all your data back in no time.

Features of This Recovery Software:

  • Ability to retrieve deleted, lost or missing folders from any drives. Retrieves the entire directory structure of the folder.
  • Saves the recovered folders to safe location other the drive from which it was recovered from so that it doesn’t lead to data overwrite which results in permanent loss of data.
  • Comes with an easy and simple user interface letting you use the software without any troubles whatsoever.
  • Requires less time to recover back all your folders.

Mighty Tool for Recovering Formatted USB Drive Data

Are you the one who have accidentally formatted the USB drive? Do you want to recover formatted USB drive data? If yes, then get the help of data recovery app. It’s an amazing tool which can easily get back entire formatted data from USB drive within few minutes, for more and clear cut details read the following sections carefully.

When you format the USB drive then you know very well what happens, entire data which is been saved in it will get vanished in few moments. Earlier it was not possible to recover data after formatting or deleting, but now the technology has advanced and now it is possible to recover formatted data. Not only formatted data, even the data which is deleted or lost can be recovered. For doing all this, you require data recovery software.

Data recovery software is a robust utility and is able to recover various types of files; it can recover up to 300 types of files. It deeply scans entire USB drive, and recovers every file that was lost while formatting. The most fascinating fact about this utility is, it’s a GUI (Graphical User Interface) application, which is very easy to use.

Under these circumstances you may format the USB drives:       

  • Accidental formatting: Most of the users unknowingly format their USB drives and lose vital data from it, but now there’s nothing to worry, as data retrieval app easily brings back formatted USB drive data.
  • File system corruption: USB drive will not get format, if file system corrupts. But what happens is; no data can be accessed from it, and in order to fix this error, USB drive must be formatted.

In addition to these, there are lots other reasons. But you don’t have to get bothered in any of the scenario; since data recovery utility is capable of recovering formatted USB drive data in a very effective manner.

Some of the outstanding features of data recovery software are described here:

This remarkable data recovery tool can recover data from different kinds of storage devices such as internal hard disks, external hard disks, memory sticks, memory cards etc. It can be utilized for recovering formatted USB drive data on all latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 etc.  It’s a most powerful app, which can perform data recovery after reinstalling Windows 7 OS. The software can even recover formatted USB drive data on various versions of Mac OS including Snow Leopard, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion and Mavericks etc. It can recover different types of files such as movies, songs, pictures, PPT files, Word files and PDF files etc. It can facilitate data recovery from different file systems including EXFAT, NTFS, FAT, HFS+ and HFSX etc. It’s a reliable application, and is free from all kinds of threats such as malignant programs and viruses.

Log on to website and get demo version of this utility from there, if you feel satisfied with it; then purchase its licensed version.

Most Admirable USB Recovery Tool

USB is abbreviated as Universal Serial Bus. USB drive is a small and portable flash memory card that is used to store photos, music, videos and other multimedia files. As this USB drive has features like fast transfer speed and convenient to use, it is widely used to connect computer operating system to transfer files. This USB drives always keep plenty of important data, hence users concerns the data security a lot. However, at present common USB data loss events make many of the users worry about USB data storage security and start searching for the remedial measures to solve data loss in USB drive.

One important thing you must keep in mind is, as soon as you come to know that you lost an important file from USB drive, immediately stop using the USB drive. Do not store any of the new files and don’t connect the USB drive to the system unless it is for data recovery. This is because the new files could overwrite the space of lost or deleted files and makes them unrecoverable. By following this precaution, it minimizes the chance of permanent data loss and increases the opportunity to restore data from USB drives. After following these cautions, you might be thinking on how to recover data from USB flash drive? No worries, you have step to the right place to get the solution on recovery of data from USB drive. Yes, with the help of this USB recovery tool you can easily recover lost or deleted data within few mouse clicks.

Some of the factors responsible for loss/deletion of data form USB drive

  • Unplanned deletion: Sometimes you might have accidentally deleted an important file rather than deleting other unimportant file.
  • Formatting USB drive: Formatting erases all the files stored on the USB drive. You may opt to format the USB drive purposefully to make it free from the corruption and formatting errors or you might format the USB drive by mistake. This operation leads to the loss of files stored on it.
  • Malware attack: Deadly malware attack on the USB drive can hide or delete the files stored on the USB drive.
  • Inappropriate ejection: Removal of USB flash drive while transferring data between the USB drive and the computer or vice versa brings data loss.
  • Other factors: Power failure, abrupt shut down of the PC, corruption of file system, occurrence of file system error, etc leads to loss of data from USB drive.

You can easily overcome all these issues with the help of this USB recovery tool. Let us know more details about USB recovery toolkit

USB recovery program is an excellent tool that can effortlessly restore data from USB drives. No matter whether the USB drive contains Word documents, music files, excel spreadsheets, video files, pictures, PPT files or others, this wizard scan the entire drive and helps to restore all the files from your hard drives, external drives, SD cards, iPods and many other devices. You can also apply this utility to restore photos from SD card.   It has an ability to retrieve all files that includes over 300 different file types within few mouse clicks. It helps to retrieve files from various other brands of USB drive like Transcend, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Moser Baer, SanDisk, etc.