Easy to Follow Tutorials to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

Android mobiles beat all other platforms and stand at no 1 position today. As a matter of fact, android mobiles are called as smartphones because they do things smartly, quickly and efficiently. Users have options to customize anything they want and can store thousands of data by using an external SD card. For video playback, they store videos along with images and music files on their SD cards in android mobiles. As used widely and repeatedly, there is a higher possibility that the video might get deleted. It may be due to a various number of reasons that we are about to cover below.

So, videos deleted. Now, what? We should recover it right? This article shows the easy-to-follow tutorial to recover deleted videos from android. You don’t need to be a computer expert to do recovery. It is made very simple trough the usage of a software like Remo Recover for Android. Watch the video demonstration in the following link to restore deleted videos.

Many people have doubts that whether they can really recover the deleted data back or not. There are chances to restore deleted videos from android by the use of this tool. Usually, what happens when you delete a file is it gets disappeared for the eyes of an OS but it is visible for recovery software. To save time and for the safety of your data, it is strongly recommended that you choose this software without comparing it to any other softwares. By doing so, installing that third party software on your computer and trying to recover video from android only makes things worse by overwriting the files.

This affects your video files and makes things complicated. So, don’t play with those unreliable softwares out there to recover your valuable videos. Always use a trusted tool like Remo Recover.

Remo Recover for Android – Features

  • Easily recovers videos, audios, pictures, etc from memory cards.
  • Able to retrieve videos from all Android operating systems.
  • Restores unlimited amount of data. Quickly recovers data in a short span of time.
  • Ability to recover videos from all kinds of memory cards irrespective of their brands.
  • Supports recovery of video types such as MP4, MOV, AVI, DIVX, XVID, etc.
  • Supports recovery from both internal and external memory of android mobiles.

What Causes Video Deletion from Android Mobiles?

  • Videos and other files get deleted due to the infection of virus in android mobiles. This is due to the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • Ejecting the micro SD card from android mobiles without safe removal causes deletion. Android operating system would have been using the file and ejecting it suddenly just results in deletion.
  • Corruption of video files due to improper downloading or improper sharing over networks should make the user delete videos.

Tips you should keep in mind

If the videos get deleted under any such circumstances, there are things that you should avoid doing. One of the important things is to keep using the SD card for saving or deleting the files such as audios and videos. Never use external storage medium for saving photos as taking photos require some space for the image and we are not sure where the OS will allocate that file. If it allocates to the same space the deleted videos were, then there might be chances of getting it overwritten. Try to use this tool even if it gets overwritten. It will try its best to recover all the deleted video files. Use it as soon as possible to avoid any such cases.