Fastest Method to Bring Back Data Lost from Disk

The hard disk is the internal or external data storing device in your computer. Whatever the data which you store on your computer, it will get stored in the hard disk of your PC. You can also divide the hard disk of your PC into different logical parts. We all are familiar with this term of dividing the physical drive into many distinct partitions. The logical drives C, D are the names of these distinct parts created on the hard disk of one’s computer. Data stored on your computer drives can get lost at anytime and anywhere.

Reasons Responsible for Data Loss from Hard Disk

  • Formatting of the Disk: Formatting of the hard disk on your computer is done to reset the file system which you are using on your computer. Filesystem on a computer can be considered as the index of a book that contains all the information about the book like page number, chapter name, etc. similarly we can say that a book file system on computer consist of whole detail of a file or folder within it. It stores the file name, file type, location of the file, etc. So whenever, we format the hard disk of the computer, it means we are deleting all the information related to data or file residing on that particular hard drive. And when we do this, it means we are permitting our PC to overwrite the hard disk. We can format the computer’s disk as a whole at a time. Also formatting of one particular logical C drive or logical D drive can also be done. In this process of formatting the hard disk, we may lose our data. However if the condition arises that we want our data back from the drive which we have formatted, then formatted disk recovery is the best tool to fulfill your need. You should give a try to this software on your computer to recover formatted disk.
  • Reformatting of Disk: Many a times, reformatting of the computer’s disk may lead to data loss which is present on your PC. Reformation of the disk is nothing it is a process of converting one file system to another file system. There are instances when many of us will want to reformat our drive, else it may also happen that reformatting of the drive might occur accidentally. When a file system is found to be corrupted by virus infections, file system corruption, header file corruption, etc. then we are required to reformat our drive which is dealing with the damages or defects. Besides this we may sometimes reformat  of our logical C drive, logical D drive or whole of the physical drive by mistake. It usually occurs, when we reformat the hard disk by accidentally selecting the drive which we don’t want to reformat, instead of the drive which we actually wanted. So when we select the undesired drive from being reformatted then we end up with data loss present on that drive. Hence generating the need of disk recovery software on your PC to restore all the data which is missing from the reformatted disk.