How to Recover Empty iTunes Library After Update?


“I had some rare collection of live show of Metallica Seattle 1989, but now I cannot access it. I do not know how to recover empty iTunes after update. Can anybody tell me how to get back iTunes library after update?”

There are many software applications throughout the internet which allows recovery of files, but Recover Media stands out among the rest due to its user-friendly interface and is also free to download throughout the internet at your disposal.

The Recover Media is especially built to recover all formats of multimedia files from USB drives, memory cards, iPods, memory sticks etc. It’s advanced scanning mechanism allows the recovery of all popular formats of files and recover them very efficiently.

It also has the ability to recover RAW image formats of the deleted image files including all the popular manufacturers and even formats being NEF,PEF etc.


What is iTunes?

iTunes  developed by Apple Inc. can be used for multiple functions such as it can be used as a media player, mobile application for mobile devices, online broadcasting to name a few of them.

The iTunes can play audio, video and other file formats and can also be used to manage it s digital download and also supports both Windows and Mac computers. The users can purchase and download videos and audios of all formats and the application software can be downloaded from the inbuilt app Store named iTunes Store which is compatible to the various versions of Mac including the latest version. It keeps track of the music files by storing them to a virtual library analyzing attributes as artist, genres etc.

The users can also store and access PDF files which is compatible to view the files excluding the normal iPod. It can be used to manage and arrange playlist and runs and visualize for the analysis of video files. The user can arrange the playlists and the user can also manipulate the attributes of a song which are stored in a proprietary binary format (“ITL”), analyzing various attributes.

How to recognize that the data had been corrupted?

  • The most common reason may be the unintentional deletion of the files incurs huge data loss thus clearing all the contents of the drive. Deleting the important files rather than similar and unimportant files results in data loss.
  • Virus and malicious contents may damage the files rendering them inaccessible.
  • Upgrading the files system from malicious and unauthorized websites too frequently can result in data loss or the user may also experience unusual behavior.
  • There may be a situation when the update process is in-transit and process gets interrupted interim can also result in erroneous files.
  • Ejecting the device prior to the completion of the transfer process can also lead to inaccessible files.

Why Recover Media?

The Recover Media can recover files from hard disk types of SATA, IDE, and SCSI etc and even from RAID (RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5) partitions. It recovers files residing in the bad sectors of the drive to create a disk image in order to recover later on.

It allows selective recovery of the corrupted files by specifying the file, which reduces the time to search for the corrupted files and also recovers the files which had been deleted using “SHFT+DEL” which bypass the recycle bin towards permanent deletion of the files.

The “Save recovery session” allows the user to pause and store the progress of the recovery process which enabled the user to continue from thereon rather than repeated scanning of the entire device. The “Open Recovery session” enabled the user open the saved recovery session so as to continue the recovery process from the point where the user left off.