How to repair corrupt MOV file?

Are you searching for easiest way of MOV file recovery with the use of an advanced tool? Then here is the best tool which can easily repair MOV file which is corrupted.

MOV is a media file format which is developed by Apple Inc. which can be played on both Windows and Mac operating-system by using QuickTime media player. This file format is most commonly available on internet for users playing or downloading video. MOV is like a multimedia file container which can hold one or many tracks, and each and every track stores a specific type of data like audio, subtitles, video or effects. Every track contains a unique digitally encoded stream of media or the reference of media file that is situated in another file.

All the tracks will be arranged in some sort of hierarchical structure that contains objects. MP4 and MOV file format can be used interchangeably as it make use of MPEG-4 compression technique to compress the media file. A MOV file can include multiple audio and video tracks which are independent or separate from one another. This file format is most preferred by many professional application users as it provides editing of the media file. Sometimes a user may encounter a situation where his MOV file will refuse to play because of corruption. Before knowing how to repair a corrupted MOV file let us go through some common scenarios of MOV file corruption.

Scenarios of MOV file corruption:

  • When a MOV file header is corrupted then the MOV file cannot be played on supported media player, then this can lead to MOV file corruption.
  • If a MOV file is downloaded from internet and any interruption while downloading can result in corruption of MOV file.
  • When a MOV file is infected by virus then it can lead to corruption of MOV file. This corruption is the most common way of MOV file getting damaged.
  • A user when makes use of inappropriate software to open a MOV file, then this can result in MOV file damage.
  • If a user is using unreliable software to compress a MOV file then this can lead to corruption of MOV file.

The above mentioned are some common scenarios by which a user can encounter MOV file corruption, but a user making use of advanced software called How To Play Corrupt MOV he can easily repair his MOV file which is corrupted.

Features of how to play corrupt MOV:

This software does not alter the original file so that while repairing if any disastrous thing happens then that original file can get still more corrupted, Hence this software repairs the corrupted MOV file by just scanning it and after repair is completed  a new healthy MOV file is created. This advanced software facilitates a user to preview his repaired data before buying the software. A user who does not have much technical knowledge can also make use of this software as it provides GUI which makes his repair process very easy. It repairs the MOV file which is corrupted due to faulty firmware device. This renowned software can support recovery of corrupted MOV file which are taken from popular camcorders. This software can repair large MOV and MP4 file which are corrupted due to improper use of camera device. For more details refer

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