How to restore deleted PDF files

PDF is a Short form of portable document format, a file format developed by Adobe systems. To view a file in PDF format, you need an Adobe Reader; it is free application available on internet. PDF is platform independent file format that helps in maintaining original graphics and colors of file. It is one of the famous document format, used in e-books and application forms.

Nowadays e-books are becoming very popular; it helps reader to read without taking printout and also help for online training, e-books reader, etc. The most common problem to computer user is loss or deletion of PDF files. You might have lost data at once or many times in your life because intentional or accidental actions lead to loss of PDF files.  Deleted PDF files may be your lovable E-books or some office document.

Deletion of PDF files may occur in following ways:

  • Intentional deletion of PDF files.  Your system contains PDF files and you wish to delete some unwanted PDF files, instead of deleting unwanted PDF files you may delete important PDF files
  • Accidental deletion of PDF files by pressing shift + delete, by using Windows command prompt and empty Recycle Bin
  • Operating system and file system crash may lead to loss of your PDF files from system
  • Formatting internal or external hard drive
  • Errors while partitioning drive
  • Improper system shutdown
  • Power failure during editing or processing PDF files

Now let’s proceed towards steps to recover PDF files software after deleted from your system. Don’t worry about deleted PDF files; you have lots of software to restore deleted PDF files. The Find PDF file software helps you to restore all erased PDF file from system and it also recovers deleted files from internal or external hard drive. Keep in mind that there are lots of PDF file recovery software available on internet so always take genuine tool. The genuine application restores your PDF files by keeping original format and restores without any errors.

After knowing the ways of PDF file loss and solution to restore deleted PDF files. You must have some suggestions to keep your PDF file safe, please follow the below mentioned suggestions.

  • Always keep one extra copy of PDF files
  • Use power backup, connect your system through UPS
  • While deleting any unwanted PDF files just confirm that you are deleting unwanted files.
  • Make sure of proper shutdown of your system

Features of PDF file recovery software:

  • Supports Windows and Mac operating system based computers
  • Restores PDF files from external hard drive and external memory cards
  • Software can find missing PDF files apart from restore deleted PDF files
  • Recover all objects contained in PDF file, including hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments, notes, header and footer, etc.
  • Password protected PDF files can also be easily recovered
  • Easy to operate and risk-free tool, non-technical person can also operate this tool to recover PDF files

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