How to Retrieve Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is easily the most popular Android Smartphone series. Galaxy Note 2 has 5.5 ” screen, a giant screen brings another experience for the users. If you are using this device, watch photos, videos then your image could be more obvious and the most crucial is operation on screen could be more comfortable.

Even though this Samsung Galaxy Note 2 includes a giant screen along with other excellent configuration, various unpredictable conditions could happen to the users. Accidental deletion of photos is inevitable which could cause many important files loss in the Samsung Galaxy Note2. Let’s explain probably the most frequently occurring cause which results in loss of photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Imagine you need to send photos out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the system through card readers. You connect the SD card of Galaxy Note 2 to the system through card readers. Suddenly Windows pop up message that the content like Memory card not recognized, would you like to format now? If you choose on yes choice to proceed then all of the photo files saved on it will be lost in couple of seconds.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 photo loss situations
  • Corruption of memory card of Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Accidental/Deliberately formatting the memory card
  • Deletion of photos from Note 2 memory card
  • Resetting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to factory setting
  • File system corruption
  • Memory card in RAW format
  • Improper/Mishandling from the memory card throughout transfer process
  • Memory card error

Is it possible to recover lost photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Certainly yes, because whenever you lose photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the data isn’t erased. It simply removes the file directory within the folder. Despite the fact that you can’t see the files within the folder, all of the content still is available 100% intact at this time. Until and unless the file remains there you are able to perform lost photo process of recovery from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 effortlessly. Galaxy Note2 photo recovery may be the professional recovery tool for the users to get back all of the lost or erased photos within a couple of minutes. If you’re the user of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Smartphone and want to undelete photos from Galaxy Note 2 then it’s recommended to refer on this site,

Much more about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 recovery software

It supports recovery of photos on several cards including Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, and SD cards, etc from various phones like Motorola, Nexus Phones, LG Android Phones and many more. You can also recover deleted photos from HTC EVO Smartphone within a couple of few clicks. This recovery software for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports recover not just photos but additionally recovers contacts, SMS, videos, audios and lots of other files.

Important tips

  • It is recommended to make use of “Write protect” knob to prevent accidental deletion or formatting from the memory
  • Never make use of the same phone on several products
  • Do not eject the Smartphone even though it is carrying out any read/write operation
  • Never make use of the memory after deletion or formatting way to avoid overwriting