Know How To Repair Damaged MP4 Video File

“Last week I was on vacation with my friends. There I was capturing some video clips of my best moments. Duration of each video was nearly 30min. All these videos were saved on MP4 file format. After returning home I copied those video clips to my PC. Later when I tried to play one of these MP4 video files, it was unable to play. I think that video file would have damaged or corrupted due to some reasons. So can anyone help me to know how repair damaged MP4 video in a safe way without affecting other videos which are present in the drive?”

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MP4 is a video file format which stores video, audio, subtitle, still image all in a single file. MP4 videos are famous for its high clarity videos captured using digital camera, mobile phones, iPod, etc. It is supported by players like VLC player, Windows Media player, QuickTime player, etc. MP4 format stores large sized audio and videos by compressing using codec’s. In spite of these features, MP4 file may get corrupted due to many reasons which in turn make you to lose your valuable videos.

There can be a lot of reasons for the corruption of your MP4 video files, some them are described below.

  • Improper Recovery Tool:Many a time we lose important MP4 file from different storage devices. If you use some unreliable recovery tool to get back those lost MP4 files, then you may receive format error while trying to play recently recovered MP4 file. Only way to fix mp4 file after format error is usage of this user friendly tool.
  • Due to unreliable antivirus Software:While scanning the system using unreliable antivirus software it detects virus or malware infected files and while repairing it can damage some of the video files stored on the drive.
  • Malware Infection:In spite of taking all the precautions & using a high quality anti-virus tool, there are possibilities for deadly virus to enter your system & corrupts the files or even the file system. If the file gets affected then you will not be able to play it on your system.
  • Incomplete File Transfer/Download:Your MP4 file can get corrupted or damaged due to incomplete file transfer process. Interruption while transferring MP4 file from one location to another location may happen due to various reasons like power failure, closing file transfer window, etc. MP4 file can also get corrupted due to incomplete MP4 file downloading.
  • Abrupt System Shutdown:While playing a video file or while transferring it to a storage device, if your system gets shut down, then there are chances that the file gets corrupted.

If you come across these above mentioned scenarios, then you can make use of this reliable tool repair damaged MP4 video easily.

Precautionary measures to prevent damage of MP4 video files:

  • Use reliable anti-virus software which removes viruses from computer or any storage device where you have stored MP4 videos
  • Use media player compatible to MP4 files to access them
  • Do not eject devices while transferring MP4 files to computer
  • Keep backup copy of necessary MP4 files.