Learn All About How to Set Up Family on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating systems and it has a lot of new features. There are many other versions that are available such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. One of the advantage of the Windows 10 is you can set up Family in it and is used when your child isn’t worried about you prying into his browsing affairs.

This is used for two purposes, first is to keep kids safer and it allows parents to connect their kid’s Microsoft accounts in the same family.

windows-10-access-family-safetyLet us learn how to set up family on Windows 10:

To configure the settings you need to follow certain steps in prior. You need to go to “account.microsoft.com/family” in order to add account for adults or kids to your family and should select Sign in. In this index you need to click on the Add a user and if the user doesn’t have the Microsoft account then he needs to create an account.

After having the accounts set up, you can block inappropriate apps, games and websites; also you can limit overall screen time and can add money to kids’ accounts and see the reports of kids’ activities.

Let us look at how to Add your child’s Microsoft account to your family:

To join the family account, your child needs to accept the invitation.

The adults in the family can give the following access to child, only after the child accepts your invitation:

  1. You can enable money to the child so that he or she can do shopping in Windows and Xbox stores even without a credit card.
  2. You can see the reports of activities about what all the apps they are buying, what they are doing on their devices and searching the web.
  3. Online activities like what all they do online and which websites they are visiting can also be seen.
  4. You can also set the age limits for rated contents like apps, videos, games, TV and movies.
  5. Also you can limit the time i.e. how long they can use the device.

The unique thing in this is you can track your child on a map when they are out with their Windows 10 device.

You can also extend the time for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours via email when your child demands more time to spend on the screen.