The best way to defrag hard disk

Before knowing what defragmentation is, you have to know what fragmentation is. Fragmentation is the process where the data is store inefficiently, reducing capability and performance of system. Therefore, people prefers for defragmentation of hard disk.

Over time to time user deletes the old file and saves the new files. When files deleted from hard drive the space will be available in the hard disk and in that gap, fresh data is written. Therefore, fresh data could not fit in the gap and few files are written in several areas of hard drive. Such files become fragmented means when user needs some data the hard drive has to scan several parts of the disk to read fragmented file, in such situation it may slow down the operating of system.

Defragmenting solves the problem of hard disk because it rearranges all files in continues manner. When files are stored in continues manner then files can be accessed easily. When user wants some file from hard disk, it reads efficiently and produces data quickly. So to defrag the hard drive there are numerous tools obtainable in market. Some defrag utilities can optimize the hard drive that keeps the same files in same position for example program files are kept in one area, documents in another, movies files on other disk etc. Therefore, to get over this problem use defrag hard disk at least once in a month.

Why defragmentation is necessary:

By defragmentation you can boost up the performance of your system. Defrag computer is an advanced tool which saves the disk space by properly arranging the files in a systematic manner. The defrag hard disk tool over all increases the performance hurriedly by decreasing the work load of the hard drive by fetching the data in one side and thus increasing the life of hard drive for long time. By scheduling disk defrag Windows 7 you can easily defrag the different types of hard disk like SCSI, IDE and SATA etc. This application supported by several operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and windows 2003.

There are two options for defragmentation:

Deep defragmentation mode: This option is usually used when the hard drive is not fragmented for the long time and the performance becomes slow. By employing this process, the whole drive data is stored in continues manner. Since this option in time consuming because it is depended on hard drive capacity, nowadays the storage space is in TB, many people prefers hard drive space at least more than 500 GB.

Quick defragmentation mode: This option allows you to store particular file type and defrag them that are most usually used like photos, audio, videos etc.

If you want to check the capacity, how much it is capable to defrag the hard disk. You can try with free demo form which is obtainable in net, first try it with single defragmentation of drive and choose quick or deep defragmentation process, after using in case if you are satisfied with the application and want to speed up the performance of complete hard drive, then go for complete version.