Use This Software to Restore Files from SD Card

SD card also known as Secure Digital card is a non-volatile flash memory storage device which provides high memory capacity in its small size. Along with the advancement of portable devices, SD card has become a necessity to be used in various devices like digital cameras, camcorders, audio players and mobile phones. We can store all types of files as per our requirements on SD card so that we can access it whenever we require through our portable devices.

In every small interval of time we may keep on updating our SD card by adding or deleting files. If we use our SD card improperly, there is a fair chance of files on SD card getting corrupted or deleted. This corruption can lead to file loss.  This crisis of loss of data from SD card can be solved by using data recovery SD card software. We can use this tool restore data from SD cards of various brands like SanDisk, Transcend, Lexar, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, etc.

 Different Scenarios of Losing SD Card Data:

  • Accidental deletion of data while deleting unwanted files.
  • Data loss during transfer between different devices.
  • Formatting the SD card while important files present on it.
  • If there is corruption in file system then it can lead to data loss.
  • If a single SD card is used in multiple devices then there is a possibility of losing data from it.
  • If third party applications from untrusted sources are involved in various operations on SD card then it can lead to data loss.
  • When SD card is pulled out of the device abruptly while transferring data, it can cause data loss.

 Process of Restoring Data from SD Card:

Once the data is deleted or lost it creates free space on the SD card which can be reversed if we do not rewrite the free space with some new file or data. This data recovery SD card software have a built in scanning algorithm which scans each and every sector of a SD card. It restores the deleted data from SD card without any difficulties. This software is also useful for restoring data from Mac operating system as it can be used on different file systems like HFS, HFX, FAT16 and FAT32. If required, files can be recovered on basis of creation, format, name and size.

 Features of this Software:

  • This software has a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface) that allows users to easily recover files from SD card.
  • Accidentally erased files can easily be recovered using this software.
  • Files that are lost due to formatting of the SD card can also be recovered.
  • Restores files from SD card of all file types like pictures, videos, movie files etc.
  • Data recovery from SD card is done on the basis of file name, size, type and creation date.
  • We can retrieve files from SD card which is damaged, inaccessible, formatted or reformatted.
  • Data that is lost due to SD card corruption can also be restored.
  • If any kind of help required for using this software, then there is a team of highly trained technical support are always available for solving it.